Other Services

At Lester Lube, we're not just oil changes.

Tire Maintenance and replacement:


Keep your car on the road headed in the right direction with proper alignment, tires, and pressure. If you’re having problems with traction or with the responsiveness of your steering this may be the cause. Proper tire maintenance can also help save you money at the pump

    • Tire Alignment: While its perfectly okay for you to have two left feet, there’s no reason to let your vehicle be off balance. Misalignment easily can happen when you hit a pothole or a curb. Let us keep your tires running straight and evenly, improving the safety and durability of your vehicle and making it easier and more enjoyable to drive and park. Even a slight misalignment can cause some of your tires to wear out too soon.
    • Winter Tires: Newfoundland roads are no stranger to slush, ice and water. Help us keep your vehicle on the track by picking the right kind of traction. We can help you with tires designed for the chill and the dangers of driving in any weather and reduce your risk of an accident.
    • Summer Tires: Without the dangers of dangers of ice and cold, your vehicle deserves a tire that will have the right balance of traction and fuel efficiency. Why visit the pump more than you have to?
    • Tire pressure: Proper maintenance of your tire pressure is vital for your vehicle’s efficiency and traction. Whether its repairing a flat tire to keep your vehicle on the road, or checking you are using correct pressure and that built in sensors are properly working, we’re here to help. The proper pressure will also help your braking system work optimally.
    • Suspension: Why feel every bump on the road? Help us make sure your vehicle is at the right height and responsive to rough driving.

Lester Lube & Auto is not only Atlantic Canada’s First Mobil 1 Lube Express offering a quick oil change but also a modern full service auto repair garage. Our staff are ready to help you with vehicle maintenance, repair and the installation of new aftermarket parts. We take pride in using Mobil 1 products and have high standards in our suppliers. Let us help your vehicle run at its best and improve its efficiency while giving you peace of mind that your vehicle will be ready for Newfoundland roads.


Other Services include:


  • Transmission fluid: If you wouldn’t wash your dishes with dirty water why would you run your vehicle with dirty transmission fluid? Keep your transmission shifting smoothly by replacing the fluid with new oil as needed.
  • Coolant: Your vehicle needs a proper radiation system to help it deal with the heat produced while driving and prevent overheating. A well maintained radiator and new coolant will keep you going on those long car rides or even on those few warm drives in summer. No one likes having to stop and let your engine cool and no one wants to deal with the damages caused by overheating.
  • Air Conditioning / Heating: While our standards for what constitutes a hot day are different than most areas, no one wants to sit in a hot car. Let us help you keep your cool on those few days of summer. AC is also important in keeping your view clear by defogging your windows and preventing local scents from getting into your car. Ensuring the air in your car properly circulates also helps you keep warm, directing the heat from your car into the cabin so you can focus on the road and not on the chill.
  • Exhaust: Your car needs to be able to keep any harmful emissions away from you and your family. Make sure rust, strange noises, or even just regular wear and tear aren’t a risk to your family and remember that many dangerous gases and emissions aren’t detectable by your eyes or nose. Let us keep you and your family safe.
  • Muffler Repair: We are proud to service mufflers, keeping your car running efficiently and quietly. Also often installing a new after market muffler can improve your fuel efficiency and the power of your engine, helping you and the environment with just a simple part swap.
  • Brake Repair: A car’s brakes are a complex system, needing complex maintenance, along with the proper monitoring and replacing of your brake fluid you need to ensure your brake lines, hoses, master cylinder, pads, drums, rotors, and shoes are in good condition and haven’t been worn down. For your safety, trust the experts at our garage to inspect and maintain your brakes to ensure that when you need to stop or slow your vehicle, it will respond as quickly as you need it to especially on those steep, icy downtown roads.